‘We need to continually evolve with the latest trends and developments in our society and in our econo- my. Each one of us can help shape the changes we make’, says Eddy Annys, Managing Director at Randstad. The HR services company had realised for some time that their main focus was on their immediate surroundings. ‘This is sometimes referred to as ‘responding on the spot’.

It means you quite often make the wrong decisions, because you’re nervous or you’re trying to imitate the com- petition. You’re not thinking strategically or with long-term goals in mind’, adds Geert Vanherwegen, Director Randstad HR Solutions. Scenario planning, preceded by an in-depth study of the environment, including internal and external stakeholders, provided the solution.

The company’s dynamic strategic plan now includes four potential development scenarios. Naturally, one of Randstad’s key uncertainties is the economy. ‘If the economy implodes, the global outlook will be much gloomier and very different from the current 5% annual economic growth rate.’


Our company never chooses just one ‘world’ and prefers to bet on a combination of different ‘worlds’.

Our company never chooses just one ‘world’ and prefers to bet on a combination of different ‘worlds’. ‘As time progresses, one of these ‘worlds’ will come to the foreground. That’s when you know which direction to take.’ Geert Vanherwegen adds that not believing in scenario planning is simply not an option. ‘Some of the ‘worlds’ that are created are almost impossible to imagine. If you think none of this could possibly happen in the future, then you may as well not bother with scenario planning. But then you won’t be prepared for the future.’

At Randstad, scenario planning has brought about a real cultural change. It’s about more than simply creating new ideas. The people at Randstad have really immersed themselves in the concept. The company, despite its vast global presence, is behaving like a wide-eyed start-up preparing for the future. Scenario planning has provided Randstad with an innovative organisational structure.