The security services company G4S Belgium will be collaborating with TomorrowLab, the strategic innovation consultant spin-off of Living Tomorrow, located in Vilvoorde. The two companies wish to develop a shared vision and strategy as well as to design concrete applications by conducting scientifically based social research. G4S Belgium is preparing itself to address the question of how the company can in future take over a number of tasks from its clients, thus allowing the latter to concentrate on their core business. TomorrowLab will serve as a sounding board and a brainstorming partner, and bring a fresh, external vision to the G4S Innovation Board. 

Internet of Things and Smart Cities

"Technology will improve service provision and quality, while also making it more accessible. Many technical obstacles will disappear", explains Jean-Paul Van Avermaet,Cluster Managing Director G4S Belgium, France, Luxemburg & Morocco . "Developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) will have an enormous impact on the security of tomorrow's society." 

we plan to work with G4S Belgium to enlarge its vision and to translate it into specific pilot projects

"We are delighted that G4S Belgium, a world leader in security, will work with us in the coming years to research and test new possibilities involving technology, community services and security. Drawing on our knowledge and our network of partners, we plan to work with G4S Belgium to enlarge its vision and to translate it into specific pilot projects", says Joachim De Vos, Managing Director of TomorrowLab.

G4S Belgium seeks to set the society of tomorrow at ease. The security of clients and their property plays a central role in this. "We want to help make cities more inviting, safer and smarter. That is possible only if we think strategically about developments such as Smart Cities and by devising new services that meet the needs of the future. This is something we will develop and manage jointly with TomorrowLab. We will demonstrate and test some of the new concepts ourselves at Living Tomorrow in Vilvoorde," says Jean-Paul Van Avermaet.