What you'll learn

How to align your team for a bumpy road

Create informed alternative views on how contextual changes in the world will affect your market and business. Make sure your team has a common understanding of what are the challenges ahead, the opportunities, and what needs to be done to come out stronger.

How to prepare for exponential growth in response to exponential challenges

We live in an exponential environment; in terms of disruptions, challenges and opportunities. Anticipate the disruptions, understand the challenges, identify the opportunities. Then design your battle plan.

How to set a dynamic strategic direction driven through scenario planning

Decide on strategic initiatives to initiate, accelerate, adapt or stop, in order to seize opportunities and fend-off threats in the world of tomorrow. Be clear on your short to mid-term focus with built-in flexibility to navigate more stormy weather ahead.

How to co-create a resilient organisation with your team

Leverage your organisationsal assets and address your internal vulnerabilities. Create an organisation fit for a volatile future: adjust, build or acquire, nurture. Foresight, agility and commitment are the key words here.

How to fast-track your execution

The time to act is now! Do not wait for more clarity and certainty. Create your own future, set your course, and move fast but with maximum flexibility. Today’s first-movers are the leaders of tomorrow.

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