What you'll learn


Reframe the problem by prioritizing insights and opportunities.


Find the right solution to solve the identified problem.


Build your competitive advantage and deliver value.


Pitch like a pro by making a compelling story and presentation.

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In this innovation training, we will provide you with the right tools and mindset to build a viable product or service, from scratch or based on an existing concept.
Across 4 sessions, you will learn:

  • the main elements of the innovation process
  • how to organize your innovation efforts
  • how to adress market's and customer's needs
  • how to communicate to your management about this

This training is perfect for you...

… if you are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of innovation projects within your organisation. This training will allow you to develop an intrapreneurial mindset, which helps you to make the shift from abstract thinking to practical ideas.

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