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Sebastian Duyvendak
Sebastian Duyvendak Innovation designer
Karen Sprengers
Karen Sprengers Innovation Designer
Griet Cappelle
Griet Cappelle Innovation designer
Ehsan Karimi Rad
Ehsan Karimi Rad Practice Lead Strategic Advisory Services
Mark Bollen
Mark Bollen Innovation Designer
Jeroen Baeten
Jeroen Baeten Innovation designer
Marijke Verhavert
Marijke Verhavert Practice Lead Digitalisation
Astrid Bastiaens
Astrid Bastiaens Innovation Designer
Yin Oei
Yin Oei Chief Commercial Officer
Dorothy Mingneau
Dorothy Mingneau Practice Lead Transformation
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Mobility hubs, a fast track to new business opportunities?

Smart mobility requires – amongst many other factors – a dense network of ‘mobility hubs’, where people can easily switch between transportation modes. How do we design hubs in line with needs of both users and neighbours? And what opportunities do hubs bring for businesses? Fasten your seatbelts, as Tomorrowlab tackles the challenges and solutions.

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The Future of Wallets

Are we soon saying goodbye to cash currency or even the bank card? Following a roundtable with industry insiders, TomorrowLab sums up: what are the opportunities, threats, and challenges in the field of finance with 2030 as horizon? The conclusion for our future wallet is as fascinating as it is unpredictable.

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“If you snooze, you lose”

Maybe more than any other business, communication, press and media are transforming rapidly as a result of technological advancement, such as Artificial Intelligence. How do professionals cope with this changing context? What is the impact on their role? And how will skills be shifting in the future? TomorrowLab and BelgaClub (Network of Belgian Spokespersons) yielded some interesting insights from a survey into the matter.

Sports in the new era

Sports in this new era

Recent global developments such as the pandemic, extreme weather and growing polarization will definitively change the playing field for sports. How and why we play sports is determined by these external factors which, at first glance, have nothing to do with sports.


Formats for reconnecting your teams

After months on our virtual island, we are stepping out of our cocoons again, still somewhat cautiously. Teams find each other again at the office, at the coffee machine (never underestimate the breeding ground power of the coffee machine!).

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Make or break your innovation strategy: shape choices

In our previous blog, we talked about how building understanding is key in succesful innovation projects. It’s a first and crucial step to understand your company’s challenges and to keep your eyes and ears open for signals from the outside. When that’s clear it’s time to shape choices within your organisation!

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The time is now: create a sense of urgency under any condition

We’ve seen that we can innovate quickly when we’re faced with a major existential crisis, but how do organisations create a sense of urgency during day-to-day business? For day-to-day innovations like systems introductions, new product rollouts, major process shifts…. Because the truth is that most of these initiatives are urgent and existential; it’s just that they don’t always feel that way. In this article, we will share some experiences that you can apply to your business to create that sense of urgency.

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How can you boost your innovation with limited resources?

Many organisations struggle with a shortage of resources for their innovation projects. So how do you ensure that your innovation engine runs as efficiently as possible with as little fuel as possible (people, financial resources, ...)? Should you rather speed up or slow down? And where should you put your efforts? If there is one magic answer, it’s “focus”!

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3 innovation challenges and how to tackle them

Keeping the innovation engine running at all times is key for your business survival in the long run. That might be challenging nowadays, since we’ve all been focused on keeping our business up and running in the short term. We’ve asked companies about their main challenges and we’ll give you an overview about how to tackle them.

Strategy foresight

Foresight & strategy

This Foresight & Strategy Formulation programme provides you the tools and right mindset to build a shared and future-proof strategy or vision by exploring what the future might bring. Across different phases, you will explore and identify future directions, emerging technologies, new societal demands and challenges.


Innovation excellence program

Embed innovation in your company! Through a tailor-made program you will be able to anchor innovation in your strategy, way of working, organisational structure, culture and ecosystem.

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Strategy stress testing

This Strategy Stress Testing program is an assessment of how your current strategy and business model perform under realistic but severe or unexpected market changes. Across different phases and through challenging questions, your business will be examined, the most critical future challenges will be identified, and pathways to address these challenges will be determined.

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Innovation training

Our Innovation Training programme will provide you with the right tools and mindset to build a viable service or product, from scratch or based on an existing concept.


5 steps to help you embrace uncertainty

How do you decide on the right direction for 2021 if everything can be different tomorrow? Does it make sense to plan when everything is uncertain? Not knowing what tomorrow will bring creates unrest and can even paralyze some organizations. Navigating and setting a course for your organization is more challenging than ever before.

Innovation roles

Your employees at the driver's seat for innovation

In order to innovate successfully within your company, it is crucial that employees are assigned an involved role. In a previous blog, we underlined the importance of an organisational network analysis (ONA). An analysis in which we identify different key network roles. But what exactly do those roles look like? And why are they important for the success rate of your business innovation?


How the world of sports can conquer Corona

As unbelievable as it sounds, the Corona crisis that has been holding court for over half a year now hasn’t been exclusively negative. Sure, the amount of uncertainty it has created for citizens, business leaders, parents, and employees, is incredibly high. And, of course, the sports industry is no exception.

Agile strategy

Ondernemen in tijden van COVID-19

Bedrijven zitten vaak vast in een operationele context, waarbij de bedrijfsstrategie niet meer is dan een extrapolatie van het verleden. Dit werkt niet meer. Om vandaag de dag succesvol te zijn, moet je de vinger aan de pols houden.

Herman Van Rompuy online round table

Speech Herman Van Rompuy

Last week we organized an online round table with Herman Van Rompuy, President emeritus European Council and President of the Advisory Board of TomorrowLab. You can read his speech over here.


Getting back on track after COVID-19

Today, many companies and organisations are facing a new economic recession and feel the need to adapt or reinvent their business in order to survive. That's why we developed a special fast track to get organisations back on track after COVID-19.


Masterclass scenarioplanning

Onze CEO, Joachim De Vos, is gastprofessor aan de UGent. In deze online masterclass wordt er dieper ingegaan op scenarioplanning en meer specifiek wat scenarioplanning betekent in de huidige COVID-19 crisis.


Innovation in times of change

Change is happening right now and it forces us to innovate. There is no instant recipe for innovation, but there are many things you can do right now to get your innovation projects off the ground. In our e-book, we combine the insights of our innovation designers on different topics.

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Sport in uw kot!

Niemand kon zich in januari inbeelden dat enkele weken later de voetbalcompetitie zou worden stopgezet, het klassieke wielervoorjaar weg zou vallen, dat EK’s, WK’s en Olympische Spelen zouden worden uitgesteld… Plots blijkt sport langs de ene kant heel relatief, maar langs de andere kant ook broodnodig voor ons fysiek en mentaal welbevinden. Wat betekent de huidige coronacrisis voor de sportwereld? Onze innovation designer Griet, gespecialiseerd in sportinnovatie, geeft haar visie.

Waarom contact tracing call centers wel innovatief (kunnen) zijn

Je leest het overal. De presentatie van de Veiligheidsraad kon op zijn minst beter, toch qua vorm. Maar het meest wordt er gelachen met de keuze van contact tracing via call-center met 1.000 operatoren. Volgens vele commentaren is dit terug naar de 19de eeuw met bakeliet telefoons, kleitabeletten en faxtoestellen. Niks is minder waar.

Joachim de vos tomorrowlab

Wat kan je bedrijf leren uit de overheidsaanpak?

Een duim voor de overheid en haar expertteam. In een mum van tijd organiseerden zij zich bijzonder efficiënt en namen ze doortastende maatregelen. Via een ongeziene stroom van onderbouwde informatie en aanbevelingen houden ze ons op de hoogte, én in het gareel. Dit is wat jij hieruit kan meenemen.


Innovation during crisis

In the coming weeks and months, our businesses will be challenged to show their resilience as an organisation. Now more than ever, we can do things that will have an impact on our future. 3 burning questions we hear a lot nowadays.

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How can we help you?

In order to help your organisation to get a grip on innovation and achieve short-term tangible results, we develop your future strategy. This is how we do it!

Business services

Speed vs strategy

Understandably, business leaders have become obsessed with moving fast in a world that changes at increasing speed. But when you go fast without knowing where you are going, you could end up getting lost.