The world is changing at lightning speed. Long-term trends and unexpected events can undermine your business and strategy. While some will never recover from these shocks, there are others who are already fully committed to growth. They survive today and grow tomorrow, applying their knowledge and expertise to new opportunities and challenges.

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During this webinar:

  • We want to challenge you to explore different possibilities of innovation.
  • Help you to identify the biggest pitfalls. Why does innovation still go wrong so often?
  • We will explain a number of concrete cases on how others deal with this successfully.

During this 45-minute interactive webinar, you will be introduced to possible innovation strategies that can help you to achieve results in the short term.


  • Webinar ENG: Thursday 22/4/2021 at 16h. Register here
  • Speaker: Bart Devoldere - Expert Innovation Strategy @ TomorrowLab
  • For whom: everyone who wants to survive today in order to grow tomorrow!

About Bart Devoldere

Bart is an experienced professional with expertise in strategy development and stakeholder conversations, innovation management, business model innovation, scenario thinking and roadmapping. With a strong business acumen and a PhD in business modelling and marketing strategy Bart has successfully managed a wide range of projects for companies, policy makers, and stakeholder consortia with their strategic transformation projects.

Prior to his career in innovation consulting, Bart accumulated over 10 years of hands-on experience in strategic conversations and business model innovations at Vlerick Business School. Now he is innovation excellence lead at TomorrowLab, supporting various companies with their innovation approach (MOW, skeyes, Wolters Kluwer Belgium).


  • MSc. Commercial engineering, International Business Affairs (KUL)
  • PhD business modelling (Ugent, Vlerick Business School, Mays Business School Texas A&M University)