TomorrowLab helps companies, cities & governments and organisations with activating an innovation mindset. How? Through our 'inspire, learn, and act fast' offerings. With this short term programs, we will guide you in a future proof direction.

Getting back on track after COVID-19.

With our 6-step approach we help you to do the right things in this changing world. In 12 weeks we go on an innovation journey together. An intense co-creation effort with our different industry experts which will endorse you to take action.

  • What will be the impact of COVID-19 on your business model?
  • How can you anticipate on the different recovery scenarios?
  • How to prepare your organisation or business model for the aftermath of COVID-19?
  • Are there opportunities to take advantage of?

Adapt your strategy and roadmap to seize opportunities in the world of tomorrow! More information on our offering.

Future Trends sessions.

Inspiration sessions on future trends and technologies

  • Intake conversation
  • Future Trends sessions on different topics and for different industries
  • Guided inspiration tour in Living Tomorrow
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Teach the teacher.

Capability workshops to assist teams that are involved in innovation projects

  • Intake conversation (1-3 interviews) – align on key capability requirements and tools, possible case-specific exercise to integrate

  • Customized tool-based workshops

Start to innovate.

Tailored Innovation sprints on how to respond to specific innovation challenges, in co-creation

  • Intake conversation (5-8 interviews) - understand the challenges and desired outcomes
  • Tailored 1-day workshop which you can immediately put into practice
Yin Oei
Yin Oei Chief Commercial Officer
Joachim De Vos
Joachim De Vos Chief Executive Officer