the future.

The future may not be a mere extrapolation of the present. Foresight sensitizes organizations by mapping different futures (scenario planning). Foresight plays an important role in provoking organizations to step out of their comfort zone.

Topics you struggle with

  • What does the future look like?
  • We find it hard to get a grip on what’s happening in the world
  • We have the feeling that we’re losing impact
  • We are afraid to miss opportunities
  • We have the impression that we’re stuck in the present
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How we can help you

  • Gain insight in the relevant driving forces of change: trends and uncertainties
  • Create a narrative (text, visual, animation) to exchange the insights and communicate with the actors involved
  • Do a future readiness evaluation: stress test the current strategy/policy and business models
  • Go for ideation: explore ways to seize opportunities and mitigate threats
  • Our capabilities: build scenarios, define options, build ventures
Dorothy Mingneau
Dorothy Mingneau Practice Lead Transformation
Bart Devoldere
Bart Devoldere Innovation designer

Preparing for the future

We explore strategic options and crystalize your future mission. Together, we define an agile and dynamic strategy that is fit for the future. Moreover, your organization needs to develop the right capabilities. That way, you assure that your organization stays on a future proof track.

The result? With “strategy” you’ll have the ability to anticipate changing circumstances and stay ahead.

Topics you struggle with

  • We believe that strategy can be a driving force of growth but at the same time we struggle with defining it for ourselves
  • It’s difficult to know which capabilities will help us with our future ambitions
  • We find it hard to align all of our stakeholders for the challenges ahead
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How we can help you

  • Analyse
  • Define and align future visions and strategy
  • Opt for dynamic roadmapping
  • Our capabilities: turning static forecasts into scenarios, flexible management models, early warning systems and dynamic roadmaps.
Ehsan Karimi Rad
Ehsan Karimi Rad Practice Lead Strategic Advisory Services
Jeroen Baeten
Jeroen Baeten Innovation designer
Mark Bollen
Mark Bollen Innovation Designer
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Q8 is eager to shape the future of mobility

What will the mobility of the future look like? And how can an oil company like Q8 adapt to it? To prepare for a world where roadside fuel stations are becoming less important, TomorrowLab helped Q8 to see clearer into the future.

Develop & Deliver.
Making innovation tangible

When your strategy is in place, we turn the most valuable ideas into validated opportunities. After all, the goal is to activate projects that will strongly contribute to our future ambitions.

Moreover, innovation is not an isolated process. You need an ecosystem to leverage external capabilities and build solid collaborations.

The result? With “develop and deliver” we convert the selected case into future proof business models and applied innovations.

Topics you struggle with

  • How can we select the right ideas and build a future proof portfolio?
  • We have a lot of innovative ideas, but we don’t know how to start with execution
  • We are not disruptive and can’t create a truthful impact
  • We want to become more successful in conceiving innovative ideas
  • We want to rethink our bread & butter, but don’t want to touch the heart of our business model
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How we can help you

  • Deep dive into the organisation’s future challenges and business opportunities
  • Go for ideation: develop solution fit ideas
  • Define your business model
  • Facilitate the delivery
  • Our capabilities: KPI roadmap, test hypothesis (RAT), lean pilots, go-to-market model and design, ideation
Dorien Piessens
Dorien Piessens Innovation designer
Astrid Bastiaens
Astrid Bastiaens Innovation Designer

Uniting views

Through open innovation you come to enriched solutions. And engaging within the relevant ecosystem allows you to test ideas, fine tune business model assumptions and seek out partnerships. New opportunities will rise. And the right partnerships will be triggered.

The result? Validated ideas, robust business models or relevant partnerships.

Topics you struggle with

  • We want to be known as an innovative brand to attract the right partners
  • We’re aware that we need to build a new ecosystem but don’t know where to start
  • We’re working towards a new business model, but we’re lacking the right connections
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How we can help you

  • Define the purpose and objectives
  • Determine the right platform
  • Identify the relevant stakeholders
  • Our capabilities: improved collaboration models, value chain innovation, co-creation with customers
Griet Cappelle
Griet Cappelle Innovation designer
Marijke Verhavert
Marijke Verhavert Practice Lead Digitalisation

Innovation excellence.
Embedding innovation

We incorporate innovation in your DNA.
We anchor innovation in your company culture by choosing the right organizational set-up. That’s how we unlock your full innovation potential.

The result? A path that stimulates continuous innovation in a structured, effective and efficient way.

Questions you struggle with

  • How innovative are we really?
  • How do we get everyone on board of our innovation strategy?
  • How do we encourage a culture that is open to innovative ideas, even when they’re off the beaten track?
  • How do we make sure that the right ideas find their way to the surface and get validated and executed?

How we can help you

  • An in-depth maturity innovation assessment
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Setting up the right tools to support and measure innovation
  • Set up the right (internal) environment for continuous improvement
  • Strenghten your internal and external innovation network
  • Our capabilities: alignment of the organization, innovation management
Karen Sprengers
Karen Sprengers Innovation Designer
Tine Van Hecke
Tine Van Hecke Innovation Designer
Innovation roles

Your employees at the driver's seat for innovation

In order to innovate successfully within your company, it is crucial that employees are assigned an involved role. In a previous blog, we underlined the importance of an organisational network analysis (ONA). An analysis in which we identify different key network roles. But what exactly do those roles look like? And why are they important for the success rate of your business innovation?