ABB is a global player in the fields of automation and energy. A forerunner position that they’re at little risk of losing because, with a clear vision and an out-of-the-box philosophy, they keep coming up with revolutionary solutions. In the meantime, they understand better than anyone that this requires intensive collaboration with a variety of partners. So it’s eminently logical that they’ve become one of the locomotives of the TomorrowLab platform.


“To reinvent yourself as a company today, you need more than a handful of creative, visionary engineers.” CEO Jo Pauwels keeps his finger on the pulse: "Because people and companies are looking for solutions that you can only offer by working in partnership, we’re also investing ourselves in co-creation." And the platform of TomorrowLab appeared to be an ideal tool for doing so: "You find there both partners and end users as well as companies that are working on different technologies, yet have the same concerns as ABB. Thanks to them we’ve evolved from a customer-supplier relationship to a situation where we are in contact with suppliers and customers from all possible sectors.”

In this way, ABB has succeeded in vastly expanding its field of vision, without thereby abandoning its identity and pioneering role. Pauwels: "What's more, by jointly analysing the challenges of tomorrow, we will succeed in consolidating our leading position."

Thinking out-of-the-box and combining forces give rise to solutions that offer real answers to real questions.


Real answers to real questions

Over the years, what began by seeking a mirror to see itself more clearly evolved into a strategic and structural partnership where ABB becomes a forerunner in the development of future-oriented solutions that transcend the boundaries of different sectors. And at TomorrowLab we find that entirely logical. Managing Director Joachim De Vos: “The evolution of power generation and distribution has an impact on every organisation. Thinking out-of-the-box and combining forces give rise to solutions that offer real answers to real questions."

The fact that policymakers too are sitting down around the table at TomorrowLab is an enormous advantage in this respect. "Thanks to the platform’s versatility, we even get a chance to brainstorm with parties like the Colruyt Group, Eandis, Infrax and De Lijn", Pauwels observes. “But also with energy suppliers and the ports. In this way, at ABB we can develop products and systems that we can demonstrate in a neutral manner to the cities and municipalities." A win-win situation that we at TomorrowLab are very proud of as well.

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Mobility in Flanders: the future starts now

How do we connect Flanders’ people and businesses in a smooth, safe, healthy and futureproof way? This is our key challenge and the starting point of a daring glimpse into tomorrow’s mobility.

Driven by a common sense of urgency, a large-scale, participative, and neutral process was set up to come up with a shared vision for 2040. Future thinking was an obvious choice to come up with solutions for complex problems. That is why the Flemish government works with TomorrowLab to outline four future scenarios.

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The future looks bright for skeyes

skeyes ensures the safety and efficiency of air traffic in Belgium. The air traffic controllers of skeyes supervise more than 3,000 aircraft every day, representing more than a million aircraft movements per year. The autonomous public company operates in the heart of Europe, in one of the continent's busiest and most complex airspaces.