Business transformation

External drivers shape the future context of your organisation. Be able to navigate your organisation, taking into account uncertain developments, by exploring possible scenarios. With the right business modelling, business development plan and innovation management, you will not be left behind. Better yet, you will be able to create a competitive edge. Together with your ecosystem of partners and stakeholders.

Your benefits

  • Define a shared vision on the future
  • Future-proof Organisation
  • Create a powerful innovation ecosystem

Living Tomorrow Academy

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Living Tomorrow Academy combines the best of not both, but all worlds: the international innovation platform of Living Tomorrow and our very own TomorrowLab coaches, complimented with top-notch experts and trainers from within our innovation ecosystem. And that is what makes Living Tomorrow Academy different: innovation training, taught by innovators.

Together, we provide training programs on innovation, workshops and keynote speakers. We help you and your organisation to understand the future to make the right choices, to deliver new value by innovating, to build an innovative ecosystem, and to develop the skills and capabilities they need to innovate in the 21st century.

We have different programs available, discover which program suits you and your organisation best:

Your benefits

  • Learn from the best
  • Join an innovators community
  • Explore all sides of innovation

Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy combineert het beste van niet beide, maar alle werelden dankzij het internationale innovatieplatform van Living Tomorrow en onze eigen TomorrowLab coaches, aangevuld met top experts en trainers uit ons innovatieve ecosysteem. Hierdoor onderscheidt de Living Tomorrow Academy zich: wij bieden innovatietraining aan, geleid door echte innovators.

Ontdek onze trainingsprogramma's over innovatie, workshops en verschillende keynotesprekers. We helpen u en uw organisatie de toekomst te begrijpen om de juiste keuzes te maken, meerwaarde te leveren door te innoveren, een innovatief ecosysteem op te bouwen en de vaardigheden en capaciteiten te ontwikkelen die u nodig heeft om te innoveren in de 21e eeuw.

We hebben verschillende programma's ter beschikking, ontdek welk programma het beste bij u en uw organisatie past:

Your benefits

  • Leer van de besten
  • Word lid van een innovators community
  • Ontdek alle aspecten van innovatie

Digital transformation

Transform your business models, value nets or supply chains corresponding to your customers, ecosystem, competencies, capabilities, and the market. We are here for the long run to support you in all aspects of the journey.

Your benefits

  • Align on future-driven goals
  • Set-up a business-tailored governance
  • Differentiate yourself

Innovation & strategy advisory

Growth ambitions? Eager to sharpen your competitive edge or redirect your strategy? Not entirely satisfied with the results from your innovation projects? Want to engage and collaborate with other organisations? Many challenges may come your way as you try to keep up with or stay ahead of the market. Ask for help from our experts!

Your benefits

  • Actionable outcomes
  • Tailored approach for your specific challenge
  • Develop a competitive advantage

Sustainability transformation

We help you integrate sustainability into your core business, creating a positive impact on the planet and our next generations.

Let's create a long-term, holistic strategy that enables a forward-thinking, sustainable mindset within your organisation and ecosystem. This requires new types of ecosystems and partnerships. Therefore, you will need a better understanding of the outside-in driving forces on your business.

We cannot predict the future, but we can explore it. The good news is that you don't need to know the future to be prepared for it. How do we do that? Through scenario planning and in-depth interviews with experts in the field. Our strategy and innovation consultants can help you on your journey with their expertise in foresight and insight into outcome-driven innovation. We are happy to help you build a bridge to the future.

Your benefits

  • Integrated sustainability
  • Tailored approach
  • Build an innovation ecosystem

How we work

We help companies, cities and organisations think about possible future scenarios and we lay out roadmaps to innovation. We implement innovation plans and make sure you get tangible, short- or long-term business results. We do this by considering the entire ecosystem of your organisation.