Key benefits

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Define a shared vision on the future

A shared vision of the future gives you more insights to guide your strategy. This future-oriented mindset will bring you lasting benefits by ensuring you are prepared for potential threats and see opportunities to seize.

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Future-proof Organisation

Your entire organisation is ready and aligned to be part of the future. It is prepared for change. Or better said: it is the change itself.

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Create a powerful innovation ecosystem

If you reinvent yourself, new opportunities will emerge. Your ecosystem engages stakeholders allowing you to co-create. A platform for change is built.

How it works

In this offering, we provide end-to-end guidance in transforming your organisation from future exploration to vision creation and implementation. We are here for the long haul to support you in all aspects of the journey.

Our experts at TomorrowLab are committed to help you redesign your services or innovate products with an eye to the future. Our expertises include foresight and scenarioplanning.


What you’ll learn

Transform your organisation by sharpening your vision, choosing the right direction, and building innovation into your business and ecosystem. This visionary track is a long-term cooperation over several years. We become part of your organisation, and make sure it is prepared for tomorrow.

  • Future foresight: Create scenarios to indicate opportunities and threats

  • Strategy: Build a robust but dynamic strategy

  • Innovation excellence: Incorporate innovation into your DNA

  • Connect & Ecosystem: Enrich your innovation network

The knowledge and experience that we have gained will give us a head start in the revival of air traffic

Johan Decuyper, CEO, skeyes

Q8 was not only looking for an innovation partner who could help us roll out a strategy for the future, but also someone who could guide us through the next steps, the implementation of our strategy,” This is exactly what we found in TomorrowLab.

Bert Gillis, Retail Director, Q8

TomorrowLab takes people out of their comfort zone, but as a result I too was taken out of my own comfort zone. That is refreshing.

Roger Kesteloot, De Lijn

TomorrowLab is an engaging guide- looking for a solution together with us. The TomorrowLab consultants were companions de route and were willing to buy into the complexities of our industry, asking critical questions at the right time. Iterative, not top-down, but like a true partner.

Bernadette Van Den Heuvel, Zorgnet-Icuro

We start by outlining a vision of the future and your organisation's possible role in it. We examine various scenarios through ideation, considering emerging trends and uncertainties. This enables us to identify possible opportunities and threats. We then assess whether your organisation is ready to seize opportunities and tackle threats with a future readiness evaluation.

Then we align the vision of the future with your mission and goals. We explore the strategic options to evolve into a dynamic strategy that can anticipate changing circumstances.

We incorporate innovation in all facets of your organisation to create the right environment to stimulate continuous improvement. We provide several tools to support and measure innovation.

We look beyond the boundaries of your organisation and seek out the suitable stakeholders. This way, we discover interesting opportunities for even better solutions. Through strong collaborations, all capacities in your organisation can be mobilised. These partnerships enhance your network for the future and can become part of your innovation ecosystem.

With Tomorrowlab's guidance, become an organisation of the future that can not only withstand the waves of change but creates them itself. Join us in creating a renewed vision and transform your organisation.

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Talk to one of our experts

Our team of innovation experts is eager to assist you in the development of a future-proof organisation. Get a free intake!

Our experts in this domain

Dorothy Mingneau
Dorothy Mingneau Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Karen Sprengers
Karen Sprengers Domain Lead
Bart Devoldere
Bart Devoldere Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Isabel Vermeulen
Isabel Vermeulen Domain lead
Dorien Piessens
Dorien Piessens Innovation & Strategy Consultant

What we did for other clients


Q8's navigation through industry changes

Q8, a big player in the energy sector, is driving the transition from traditional hydrocarbons to sustainable energy solutions. Amidst stringent CO2 regulations and a heightened call for ecological stewardship, Q8 faces a pivotal challenge. Hence, achieving a delicate equilibrium between this transition and enhancing its workforce's proficiency in strategy, innovation, and digitalisation becomes imperative.

DSC 9697 copy

The pharmacist of the future: a new role and an efficient governance model

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, accelerated by technological advancements. In this respect, the Belgian public pharmacy sector is no exception. How can the officina pharmacist best prepare for 2030? And how can professional pharmacist associations within this complex ecosystem organise themselves to efficiently support the pharmacists of the future?

Beweegwijzer web

Solidaris' challenge: translating strategic objectives into tangible innovation

In the pursuit of forward-looking healthcare, Solidaris, the socialist mutual insurance company, faced the challenge of translating strategic objectives into innovative projects. Throughout a strategic multi-year journey, TomorrowLab guided Solidaris in formulating a clear vision highlighting the crucial role of prevention. Now, the challenge remains: how do you translate this vision into actionable steps?

Our other offerings

Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy

Advanced programs, masterclasses, courses and keynote speakers

  • Learn from the best
  • Join an innovators community
  • Explore all sides of innovation
Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy

Programma's voor gevorderden, masterclasses, cursussen en keynote sprekers

  • Leer van de besten
  • Word lid van een innovators community
  • Ontdek alle aspecten van innovatie
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Be digital.

  • Align on future-driven goals
  • Set-up a business-tailored governance
  • Differentiate yourself
Innovation & strategy advisory

Innovation & strategy advisory

Adress a certain strategy or innovation challenge within your organisation.

  • Actionable outcomes
  • Tailored approach for your specific challenge
  • Develop a competitive advantage
Sustainability transformation

Sustainability transformation

Foster environmental responsibility and resilience.

  • Integrated sustainability
  • Tailored approach
  • Build an innovation ecosystem