In these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, it is often difficult to predict or forecast the future. At the same time, the need to understand the future has never been greater.

Foresight exercises, such as scenarioplanning, enable companies to deal proactively with these uncertainties and map out different plausible futures.
Foresight plays an important role in challenging organisations to step out of their comfort zone in order to make the right transformation decisions.

TomorrowLab has extensive expertise in developing well-founded and plausible future scenarios in many sectors. We guide organisations in the use of future scenarios for strategic and innovation challenges.

The result? You are ready for tomorrow and will make well-considered decisions about the future.

Here you can find out more on our approach for scenarioplanning and future foresight or watch our video about scenario planning.

How we'll help you

  • Trends and uncertainties insights
  • Future readiness evaluation
  • Turn static forecasts into scenarios and models


Based on future insights, we explore strategic options and create your future mission. Together, we define an agile and dynamic strategy that will stand the test of time. Moreover, we define which capacities (innovation, digitalisation, ...) your organisation needs to develop. This way, you ensure that your organisation remains relevant and future-proof.

The result? With "strategy" you are able to anticipate changing circumstances and stay ahead.

How we'll help you

  • Define & align future visions and strategy
  • Opt for dynamic roadmapping and stay ahead
  • Seize opportunities and mitigate threats

Develop & Deliver

To become a leader, organisations need to leapfrog their competitors. Innovation is key to achieve this. Therefore, in line with their strategy, we guide companies in defining opportunity areas for innovation.

Equipped with the right innovation expertise (business and landscape analysis, design thinking, ecosystem building, market consultation, innovation program management etc.), we enable companies to uncover unmet customer needs and effectively develop viable business models. After all, the goal is to activate projects that will strongly contribute to your future ambitions. Moreover, innovation is not an isolated process. You need an ecosystem to leverage external capabilities and build solid partnerships.

The result? With "develop and deliver", we turn business opportunities into viable business models through applied innovations. We ensure your project's success.

How we'll help you

  • Discover unmet needs of your customers
  • Develop solutions and business models that create value
  • KPI roadmap, go-to-market model, ...

Innovation Excellence

For innovation to pay off, an organisation must do more than just define innovation projects. Innovation needs to be anchored in the DNA of a company. This means that your company needs to determine different factors. How innovation will be used to achieve strategic objectives? Which challenges need to be tackled as a priority? Which projects will or will not be started? Which methods and processes will be followed etc.

We help clients to provide answers. This way, TomorrowLab unlocks your full innovation potential.

The result? A process that stimulates continuous innovation in a structured, effective and efficient way.

How we'll help you

  • Assess your innovation maturity and gain insights
  • Discover opportunities¬†and accelerate your business
  • Develop and execute an innovation maturity plan

Connect & Ecosystem

To innovate, you need partners who face common challenges and/or have complementary skills. Together, more can be achieved. Participating in a relevant ecosystem can open doors. It allows you to learn from others, to test or refine ideas and to discover new opportunities. Future scenarios are also interesting to apply in citizen participation, as we did for departement Mobiliteit and Openbare Werken.

Together with Living Tomorrow, TomorrowLab offers the possibility of discovering new partners. TomorrowLab has extensive experience in bringing partners together through expert and executive roundtables and specific workshops. TomorrowLab facilitates these sessions as a neutral catalyst so that a win-win can be achieved for all parties. For example, as TomorrowLab we host and organize the Living Tomorrow Innovation Missions.

The result? Validated ideas, robust business models or relevant partnerships.

How we'll help you

  • Strenghten your internal and external innovation network
  • Identify and explore collaboration opportunities with partners
  • Connect with partners in the Living Tomorrow ecosystem


  • Future Trends Session: In this track you will explore innovations at Living Tomorrow and inspire your team about future opportunities. You will build understanding of how new technologies and trends may impact your business.
  • Hackathon / Innovation workshop: During our hackathon or innovation workshop a group of internal or external people will be involved to work on an innovation challenge. During this ideation you will learn different innovation methodologies. The most promising ideas will be selected for further development and implementation.
  • Business Model Canvas training: The Business Model Canvas (BMC) helps to map the crucial elements of a business strategy.
  • Keynote: We offer engaging keynote presentations on various topics to keep you ahead in a rapidly changing world.
  • Innovation and strategy training: This track is aimed at participants who wish to immerse themselves in different innovation methodologies. Through relevant examples and cases, you will explore methods such as foresight, stress testing, 3 horizons, design thinking and lean start-up.

How we'll help you

  • Future Trends Session
  • Hackathon / Innovation workshop
  • Business Model Canvas training
  • Keynote
  • Innovation and strategy training

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