Key benefits

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Integrated sustainability

A sustainability strategy should never stand alone. Through a co-creative approach, we help you integrate sustainability into your business goals, mindset and drivers.

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Tailored approach

We provide a tailored approach to your specific sustainability challenges, offering 360° transformation tracks or step-up programmes to introduce you to our way of working.

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Build an innovation ecosystem

We help you build a powerful innovation ecosystem that will bring your sustainability challenges into the broader context.

How it works

Every organisation has unique needs. That’s why offer flexible solutions. Whether you need end-to-end support to transform your organisation or modular offerings, based on our core competencies – foresight, strategy, or innovation excellence.

As businesses look for ways to become more sustainable, they're turning to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They serve as a universal framework for communication, target-setting, and defining sustainability actions. The best part? The SDGs encourage collaboration across value chains, so we can tackle global challenges together.


Our methodology is based on an outside-in perspective, supported by well-researched and plausible scenarios. We help you incorporate the SDGs into your strategy. Whether you're just getting started or you're already an expert, the SDGs offer a guiding compass or a validation tool to ensure your sustainability efforts align with established frameworks.

The result? A holistic, long-term strategic approach that embeds a future-oriented sustainability mindset at the core of your organisation and within your ecosystem.

We are committed to helping you succeed in your sustainability efforts.

As a proud partner of the Living Tomorrow network, we provide comprehensive advice on your sustainability roadmap. At the same time, we facilitate open discussions with all stakeholders, even beyond your own network.

Spearhead clusters where we have a focus and expertise

  1. Circularity (materials management)
  2. Energy transition (including cleantech)
  3. Sustainable chemistry

What you'll learn

From uncertainty comes the chance to create something new and exciting. A time to re-evaluate your priorities, make decisions with greater awareness and to explore the possibilities. Together we’ll transform your organisation by sharpening your vision, choosing the right direction, and building innovation into your business and ecosystem.

Thinking in uncertainties and scenarios was eye-opening for us.

Sustainability incorporations

We’ll explore different angles and scenarios to identify the common thread in the future challenges at hand. No matter where you are at in your sustainability journey, we can guide you in a step-by-step process to achieve greater maturity.

Sustainability as a context

We rethink and evaluate your strategy in terms of culture shift and business operations. We look for innovations on all levels – system, process and product – to identify your areas of participation and focus.

Collaboration as a game changer

You’ll learn to engage with your critical stakeholders in an open innovation or strategy discussion and develop a holistic,long-term approach.

The end goal is to allow you to embed a future-focused and sustainable mindset into the core of your organisation and ecosystem.

Talk to one of our experts

Our team of experts is eager to assist you in the development of a future-proof organisation. Get a free intake!

Our experts in this domain

Isabel Vermeulen
Isabel Vermeulen Domain lead
Birgitt Deckers
Birgitt Deckers Strategy & Innovation Consultant
Filis Zumbultas
Filis Zumbultas Strategy & Innovation Consultant
Karen Sprengers
Karen Sprengers Domain Lead
Dorothy Mingneau
Dorothy Mingneau Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Bart Devoldere
Bart Devoldere Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Astrid Bastiaens
Astrid Bastiaens Innovation & Strategy Consultant

You don't need to know the future to be ready for it

Businesses around the world are struggling to prepare for a sustainable future, especially in times where all well-known paradigms seem to be shifting. There is much uncertainty, little confidence, but most commonly little practice in cross company cooperation. That is where TomorrowLab comes in. Building bridges and guiding with domain expertise, consultants show the way forward.

Schermafbeelding 2020 06 04 om 09 31 08

Q8 is eager to shape the future of mobility

What will the mobility of the future look like? And how can an oil company like Q8 adapt to it? To prepare for a world where roadside fuel stations are becoming less important, TomorrowLab helped Q8 to see clearer into the future.

Our other offerings

Business transformation

Business transformation

Sharpen your vision and stay future-proof.

  • Define a shared vision on the future
  • Future-proof Organisation
  • Create a powerful innovation ecosystem
Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy

Advanced programs, masterclasses, courses and keynote speakers

  • Learn from the best
  • Join an innovators community
  • Explore all sides of innovation
Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy

Programma's voor gevorderden, masterclasses, cursussen en keynote sprekers

  • Leer van de besten
  • Word lid van een innovators community
  • Ontdek alle aspecten van innovatie
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Be digital.

  • Align on future-driven goals
  • Set-up a business-tailored governance
  • Differentiate yourself
Innovation & strategy advisory

Innovation & strategy advisory

Adress a certain strategy or innovation challenge within your organisation.

  • Actionable outcomes
  • Tailored approach for your specific challenge
  • Develop a competitive advantage