In the pursuit of forward-looking healthcare, Solidaris, the socialist mutual insurance company, faced the challenge of translating strategic objectives into innovative projects. Throughout a strategic multi-year journey, TomorrowLab guided Solidaris in formulating a clear vision highlighting the crucial role of prevention. Now, the challenge remains: how do you translate this vision into actionable steps?

TomorrowLab led this innovative process using methodologies like design thinking, lean startup, and minimum viable product. Additionally, they facilitated collaboration among diverse parties to ensure successful implementation, aiming to integrate innovation methodologies, successfully apply them in a pilot project, and define learning experiences for future projects.

From numerous ideas, one innovation track focusing on the strategic prevention pillar was selected, leading to the autumn 2023 launch of 'Beweegwijzer' for individuals with type 2 diabetes. The 'Beweegwijzer,' an innovative web application, is Solidaris' contribution to prevention by assisting people in increasing physical activity and answers the main question: how can Solidaris assist chronic patients with a preventive approach? By encouraging exercise, individuals can sustain their health and prevent complications, aided by personalised sports activity recommendations.

The web application was developed in collaboration with SportaMundi. The underlying algorithm builds on the SportKompas developed at UGent. Furthermore, Sportamundi collaborated for the development with Hylyght, Studio Dott and the Diabetes League.

The impact beyond the development of a single product

Additional results of this project were more indirect but no less important because the team…

  • became proficient in innovation methodologies, enabling them to navigate the process efficiently and systematically resolve uncertainties.
  • identified clear problem statements and potential business cases related to prevention, clarifying the direction for prevention within Solidaris.
  • discovered internal competencies and areas for improvement in developing and marketing new products and services.

As a result of this trajectory, innovation profiles were attracted at Solidaris to apply these methodologies more systematically within the organisation. This lays a solid foundation for further innovation and growth, allowing Solidaris to continue its role as a pioneer in healthcare.

The belief in these innovative techniques translated further into other areas of the organisation. By participating in the pilot project, numerous employees learned to apply innovation methodologies. Moreover, the close monitoring of the project by the management and the strategic board contributed to a growing understanding and support for the use of innovation methodologies within Solidaris.