Key benefits

Common perspective icoon

A common perspective

On what the future might bring. A narrative to share insights and create meaningful dialoge with stakeholders.

Right mindset icoon

The right mindset to explore and deliver

Act as one team in order to drive a resilient organisation and business development.

Futureproof icoon

A future-proof vision and strategy

Set up a process of constant exploration.

How it works

Develop an open mindset and build a common understanding of what the future might bring. We will teach you how to dive deep into these alternative futures and explore the opportunities for your business. You will reflect on your customers’ and stakeholders’ future needs. The exercises will inspire you to think of alternative business models, strategies, and offerings.

This effective and refreshing approach delivers new insights and gives you the tools to make the right strategy decisions. We build upon profound expertise in foresight and strategy formulation in different sectors. We will work together to create an approach tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Tomorrow Lab team

Our approach

    • Outside-in approach: we focus on potential shifts in the external environment of your organisation or sector, examining driving forces, key strategic issues, and critical uncertainties.
    • Our method is built on qualitative and structured collaborative creation and participation.
    • Our three-stage process will be tailored to your skills, context and needs, building tools that work for you.
Tomorrowlb step by step

TomorrowLab is an engaging guide- looking for a solution together with us. The TomorrowLab consultants were companions de route and were willing to buy into the complexities of our industry, asking critical questions at the right time. Iterative, not top-down, but like a true partner.

Bernadette Van den Heuvel, Zorgnet-Icuro

You take people out of their comfort zone, but as a result I too was taken out of my own comfort zone. That is refreshing.

Roger Kesteloot

The knowledge and experience that we have gained will give us a head start in the revival of air traffic.

Johan Decuyper, skeyes

By jointly analysing the challenges of tomorrow, we will succeed in consolidating our leading position

Jo Pauwels, ABB

Discover how we can help you

Interested in foresight and scenario planning? Book a meeting with our consultants and discover more on our approach.

Discover how we implemented foresight

Schermafbeelding 2020 01 14 om 16 28 17

Limburg explores the future

TomorrowLab helped Limburg to develop four possible and plausible future scenarios, which enabled the province’s stakeholders to make well-informed decisions.