Advancements in technology, evolving customer expectations, and the emergence of new generations of employees: Titeca pro accountants & experts, a leading company in the accounting industry, recognized the need to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape. They sought guidance to navigate this transformative period and turned to TomorrowLab for a compelling and proactive approach to inspire and activate their partners during the strategic partner weekend.

Activating Titeca's partners to understand and adapt to the changing landscape

Titeca faced the challenge of raising the sense of urgency regarding change among its partners. They needed strategic inspiration and activation to envision the future era and its implications for Titeca, including its offerings, competitive advantage, and DNA. Preparation is everything: a transformation process and strategic initiatives were drawn up to get started.

Providing support in setting an inspiring and interactive agenda

TomorrowLab collaborated with Titeca to curate an inspiring and interactive agenda for the strategic partner weekend. The approach focused on facilitating the exchange of ideas and inspiration among Titeca partners through visits and testimonials from external parties. Visits to Titeca's headquarters, EdTech Station, Meetdistrict Ghelamco, and Living Tomorrow provided valuable insights and sparked innovative thinking, whereas keynotes, brainstorms, and startup pitching sessions enriched the weekend's activities.

TomorrowLab’s trends presentation and workshop provided valuable insights into the changing work dynamics and how future generations perceive business

Meaningful discussions with BDO, our competitors, helped us gain valuable insights into the future of accounting and collaboration

TomorrowLab's involvement brought several unique qualities to Titeca's strategic partner weekend:

  • Titeca leveraged their expertise to foster a culture of embracing change and uncertainty;
  • The tour bus, equipped for debates and discussions, enhanced engagement and knowledge exchange;
  • Titeca partners gained a comprehensive understanding of the changing landscape and its impact on their business model, allowing them to adapt their offerings, operational models, and profitability;
  • The weekend reinforced Titeca's strong DNA and organizational culture, empowering them to leverage it as a catalyst for innovation and renewal.

Confidently embracing the uncertainties of the future

The decision to work with TomorrowLab was primarily driven by their reputation for providing an inspiring and action-oriented approach to address complex challenges. Our track record of successfully guiding organisations through transformative periods gave Titeca the confidence to embark on this partnership. By choosing TomorrowLab, Titeca ensured they were equipped to make informed strategic decisions and embrace the uncertainties of the future.

Bart Devoldere
Bart Devoldere Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Dorien Piessens
Dorien Piessens Innovation & Strategy Consultant
Ehsan Karimi Rad
Ehsan Karimi Rad Domain Lead

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