Here’s a mind-boggling statistic: according to a recent study nearly 50% of the current S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next decade. Especially larger, long-standing companies are at risk of being replaced by nimble newcomers. How can a business stand up against this evolution? Yin Oei, CCO at Tomorrowlab, is outlining what to do.

1. Innovate

Innovate your products, services and business models strategically. That’s where Tomorrowlab comes in. We help companies think about possible future scenarios and we lay roadmaps to innovation. We make sure you get tangible, short- or long-term business results.

2. Be agile

Long-standing market leaders are often too large and too complex to innovate at a fast pace and to come up with valuable innovation projects. Your company needs to be able to go off the beaten track and build new alliances.

3. Cooperate with professionals

Businesses often get discouraged because they find it hard to coordinate the entire innovation process. Or they don’t generate short-term, tangible results. There’s need for T-professionals who have deep knowledge in a particular area of specialisation, but who are capable of making connections across disciplines. Tomorrowlab has been providing these skills to almost half of Belgium’s top 100 companies.

4. Embrace strategic plans

Organisations only spend 6% of their time on strategy, while in 86% of the cases a lack of company strategy was the reason for failure. That’s why it all starts with gaining insights and exploring customers’ strategic options.

5. Let's go outside

Innovation needs an outside-in approach. Tomorrowlab collects insights on demographic, technological, ecological and social trends that could have an impact on your organisation’s current business model.

6. Get ready for a cultural change

Don’t relapse into old habits. In order to remain competitive, you need to foster a culture of innovation. A strong vision can make sure everybody’s on the same page in the organisation.

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The pharmacist of the future: a new role and an efficient governance model

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, accelerated by technological advancements. In this respect, the Belgian public pharmacy sector is no exception. How can the officina pharmacist best prepare for 2030? And how can professional pharmacist associations within this complex ecosystem organise themselves to efficiently support the pharmacists of the future?

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24/7 municipal service thanks to collection machine in Aalter

In the pursuit of innovation and improved municipal services, the forward-thinking municipality of Aalter embarked on a groundbreaking Smart City exploration. Among their previous successful collaborations, TomorrowLab and Aalter co-created smart city furniture, exemplifying their commitment to progress.