After months on our virtual island, we are stepping out of our cocoons again, still somewhat cautiously. Teams find each other again at the office, at the coffee machine (never underestimate the breeding ground power of the coffee machine!). At Tomorrowlab we came up with some fun ideas to reconnect your team with each other and even with the outside world. Give each other that much-needed energy boost to start a new way of working together!

  • Set up a speed date session between colleagues: speed dates are a great way to tap into the power of a team or ecosystem knowledge. We use this format often to exchange insights and ideas between different departments within an organisation or innovation partners. The format is easy. Make a table tour, so everybody knows the sequence of colleagues they will meet. If it’s a large team, some excel wizard will come in handy 😉. Prepare some conversation starters: what surprised you in the past few months? What was your greatest insight? Or consider working with common challenges: how can we reinvent our … ? After 5-10 minutes, people switch tables. Play some loud music to get them moving.
  • Let that creativity muscle start working again; bootcamp style! Nothing beats the energy level of a real-life hackaton or bootcamp. Clashing ideas, pivoting your concepts, having that pitch pressure … It is that adrenaline rush which is missed the most by the innovative minds. Define an aspiring challenge, form cross-functional teams and start ideating. Invite some experts that can boost and feed their minds. We can assure that by the end of the day they will be weary but so satisfied.
  • Take your team on an experience “safari”. What changes can they observe in society? How did your markets evolve? Map out a trip where they can explore new businesses, test out new technology, meet inspiring people and make use of all their senses! Let them step in the shoes of a persona and experience his or hers customer journey in real-life. Interview random people who are passing by. They will be glad to talk to someone again 😊 And even dwelling is allowed during this trip!
Droneport 3

At TomorrowLab we tested and approved these formats already in numerous versions with big and small teams. Do not hesitate to reach out for some extra tips and tricks from our innovation designers!