Since 2019 Living Tomorrow organised 3 Innovation Missions with the support of TomorrowLab. The first one was in Europe, the second one was to Dubai and we just returned for the last one to Silicon Valley in Palo Alto.

Why do we take such a trip? Why is it so relevant to your future? Let’s have a look back to Innovation Mission to Dubai and find out how at Tomorrowlab, we connect inspiration and imagination to provide solutions for the future of your business.

Dubai RTA: the digital twin of mobility

Our Innovation Mission to Dubai took us to the unique Enterprise Command & Control Centre (EC3) of Dubai Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). What sets it apart, is the use of intelligent technologies and its ability to achieve integration and control of all means of public transportation in a holistic way. This includes Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Taxis and Traffic Systems Control Centres.

The centre not only controls and integrates all existing and future modes of transport, it is effectively meeting the transportation challenges of the Emirate. Dedicated to making Dubai the ‘Smartest City’ globally, the centre aims to achieve leadership and excellence by managing the mobility systems of the city.

The greater value? Informed and better decision-making through big data analytics. This supports the organisation of mega-events, assists in emergency and crisis management, and facilitates the investigation of transport accidents. By building intelligence from historical and real-time data in this way, EC3 can become the orchestrator in the entire mobility ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly autonomous. In short, they manage the digital twin of mobility.

The relevance for your business

Many companies are sitting on a treasure trove of data but do not know how to convert it into value. What is the situation in your organisation? What does data mean for your future role in your ecosystem? How can we tap in to these data and turn them into a formidable asset?

At Tomorrowlab, we help you to create a data strategy, as we did for skeyes, to define the point on the horizon. We will translate this strategy into a portfolio of innovation projects, establish a process and governance, and define the competences and profiles needed to achieve this.

During our mission to Palo Alto and Silicon Valley, we dived into the emerging technologies of air mobility, which is exploring other airspaces: the higher, suborbital airspace, but also the lower, urban airspace. In smart cities, these different types of mobility come together. Who will be the orchestrator there? And what can you learn to take a head start with your business, and maybe become the data-orchestrator of your ecosystem…?

Living Tomorrow Innovation Mission
Living Tomorrow Innovation Mission

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