As TomorrowLab, we believe in continuous improvement and learning, also for ourselves. That's why we selected a brand new advisory board.

Our advisory board concludes of:

  • Herman Van Rompuy, President of the Advisory Board and President Emeritus of the European Council
  • Ruth Janssens, CO-founder SmallTeaser
  • Jurgen Ingels, Managing Partner SmartFin
  • Pascale Van Damme, Vice President EMEA VMware & SAB Business Dell Technologies
  • Herman Reynders, former governor of the province Of Limburg
  • Yin Oei, CCO of TomorrowLab and Living Tomorrow
  • Rudi Bogaert, COO TomorrowLab
  • Frank BeliĆ«n, founder of Living Tomorrow
  • Joachim De Vos, CEO of Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab

But why do they participate in our board?
Herman Reynders
explains: "I have always appreciated the concept, vision and work of Living Tomorrow and Tomorrowlab. Discover and determine the future together. It is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to be able to contribute to this special project based on my experience.". Ruth Janssens adds: "Tomorrowlab looks to the future together with organisations and prepares them strategically for tomorrow. A dynamic plan based on different hypotheses forms the basis. Tomorrowlab is the indispensable step towards an organisation that wants to be future-proof."

Jurgen Ingels brings it together nicely: "Technology is rapidly shaping the way the future will look. How we will live, work, move, eat, behave will all be influenced by technology and innovation. Thinking about that, showcasing that and guiding organization through this fascinating evolution is what TomorrowLab and Living Tomorrow stand for and that is why I love to be involved."

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