What you'll learn

about change management in innovation

How to raise awareness of the necessity for change?

If you should go for the quick radical change or rather the gradual approach?

How to get a better understanding of resistance to change?

Change is a constant in an innovation context. Taking your team, organisation and stakeholders along in the development or implementation of new products or services, in a new process approach or new organisational structure… It often creates resistance for all kinds of reasons.

About the speaker

Dorothy Mingneau is a Strategy & Innovation Consultant at TomorrowLab. She embarked on her career as an innovation missionary 20 years ago. Her mission is to persuade companies to adopt new technologies, consider evolving customer needs, and reevaluate their business practices to become more sustainable. She is an expert in change management and how to set-up a true culture of innovation.

Is this a webinar for you?

  • You're an innovation manager looking for some best practices and tools.
  • There's a change coming in your organisation and you want to be prepared.
  • You understand the importance of an innovation culture
Dorothy Mingneau
Guide the change, but spread the ownership!

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