Planners vs Algorythms

While traffic savvy GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps have provided users a way to get around traffic, it has caused massive headaches for city planners. 

City planners probably prefer the Audi VR Sandbox. Audi is using VR technology to let buyers of its new Q5 SUV drive around in a virtual sandbox, designed by kids. In their words: “It provides a platform to rekindle the joys of driving and demonstrate the assets of the Q5 and the quattro technology in a playful and accessible way.”

Automagically controlled vehicles

Igor Mordatch began his career as an animator. He spent time at Pixar and worked on Toy Story 3, in between stints as an academic at places like Stanford and the University of Washington, where he taught robots to move like humans. Today he is working to build machines that can carry on a conversation. Bots are learning to chat in their own language.... Is Skynet upon us?

Have no fear, all you need is a magical circle of salt. Autonomous Trap 001, is a picture made by artist James Briddle posted a car is sitting in the middle of a parking lot has been surrounded by a magic salt circle. In the language of road markings, the dotted white lines on the outside say, "Come On In," but the solid white line on the inside says, "Do Not Cross." To the car's built-in cameras, these are indomitable laws of magic.