The main driver to take advantage of AI in business processes is to optimize a certain activity. But did you realise the implementation of these new technologies affects your life more than you can imagine? Our clients know which way the wind blows, they identify different opportunities. Just look at the examples below.

Did you know, in the mobility sector, different kinds of obstacles are prevented and optimized by using AI? Think about that every time you get stuck in a traffic jam. In Sweden, for example, every year, approximately 80000 kms of roads are analysed to detect road accidents, failures in road infrastructure or traffic flows.

Ever suffered from a sports injury? These can be prevented with the use of wearable and video technology. Data are collected during training, enabling coaches and doctors to identify the risk of developing injuries.

Surveillance cameras are increasingly often equipped with machine learning technology. This gives cameras the opportunity to analyse live video without any human intervention. That way, AI can not only be used for safety reasons, but also for the protection of materials and systems. For example: detecting birds on floating solar panels. Their droppings can cause a loss up to a 30% in solar production.

There is still some reluctance when it comes to the usage of robots on the work floor. This is why companies who provide automation services are now focusing on systems to support employees, instead of replacing them by robots. As such they use supportive systems which can be placed on the body. These systems support people who carry heavy loads as to protect their back.


Are you also looking for guidance in a future proof direction? We offer various sessions to spark an innovation mindset at your company. By making your company aware of future trends and improving knowledge right at the core, we’ll make sure you are completely ready to anticipate on AI and other relevant driving forces of change.