TomorrowLab promises to help companies with activating an innovation mindset. How? Through 'inspire, learn, and act fast' offerings. Concretely this means that they will guide you in a future proof direction by educating you in three ways: Making you aware of future trends, improving knowledge right at the core and teaching you how to do Innovation sprints.

Future Trends sessions.

Inspiration sessions on future trends and technologies

  • Intake conversation
  • Future Trends sessions on different topics and for different industries
  • Guided inspiration tour in Living Tomorrow
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Teach the teacher.

Capability workshops to assist teams that are involved in innovation projects

  • Intake conversation (1-3 interviews) – align on key capability requirements and tools, possible case-specific exercise to integrate

  • Customized tool-based workshops

Start to innovate.

Tailored Innovation sprints on how to respond to specific innovation challenges, in co-creation

  • Intake conversation (5-8 interviews) - understand the challenges and desired outcomes
  • Tailored 1-day workshop which you can immediately put into practice

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