Since 1 January 2023, Marijke Verhavert has taken up the role of director at Tomorrowlab, company of the Living Tomorrow Group. Ever since its foundation in 2009, TomorrowLab has been defining the Belgian innovation landscape thanks to their strong focus on scenario planning. This is a unique methodology to shape the strategy of companies and organisations.

Marijke Verhavert joined TomorrowLab in 2018, after a career of 22 years at among others the Flemish government, KPMG and Siemens Business Services. At the Flemish government, one of her roles included head of department of Information Flanders. In this position, she was responsible for, among other things, digital transformation, process and information policy and architecture and business intelligence. For years, she was also the driving force behind numerous innovation programmes such as the innovation learning programme, the "Flanders Radically Digital" programme and the artificial intelligence programme.

Marijke is looking forward to this new step: " TomorrowLab has achieved a fabulous track record. We are a talented team that makes companies and government organisations future-proof, despite and certainly in turbulent times. We are now the measure in Belgium in the field of scenario planning as a unique methodology for strategy implementation. I would like to further strengthen this course."

Yin Oei, CEO of the Living Tomorrow group, is also enthusiastic about Marijke's new role: "Marijke has already demonstrated in the past that she is very capable in both setting the strategic direction and taking others in tow. Two skills that are indispensable as a director. In addition, Marijke will also join the executive committee of the Living Tomorrow group."

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