Key benefits

Understand changes icoon

Understand external changes and disruptions

Leverage strengths icoon

Leverage your strengths

Shared language icoon

Create a shared language in your organisation

Our Tomorrowlab consultants are experts who will provide you with the right tools and templates, including digital templates, to develop or strengthen your business model innovation. Along with principles and methodology you’ll also dive deeper into:

  • understanding external changes and disruptions challenging your business
  • taking action to improve your current business model
  • leveraging strengths to enter new markets or create new products or services
  • designing tests and experiments to systematically mitigate risk
  • creating a shared language in your organisation
Ehsan Karimi Rad
Ehsan Karimi Rad Domain Lead
Dorien Piessens
Dorien Piessens Innovation & Strategy Consultant

Organisations with great products and services won’t survive in the long run if they fail to innovate. But innovation is more than just creating something new, it’s about how you bring it to the market and respond to a changing environment. With your learnings from our Business Model Canvas workshop you’ll be able to take the right steps towards developping innovative and successful businesses.

Book your workshop now, and start preparing your roadmap for navigating in an uncertain future.


You don't need to know the future to be ready for it

Businesses around the world are struggling to prepare for a sustainable future, especially in times where all well-known paradigms seem to be shifting. There is much uncertainty, little confidence, but most commonly little practice in cross company cooperation. That is where TomorrowLab comes in. Building bridges and guiding with domain expertise, consultants show the way forward.

MG 6277 min

Welcome to the creator economy in the metaverse

Say what? Well, that is how the future of communication and media presents itself. It’s about creators, technology and Generation Z. Time to put prejudices and misconceptions aside and look at the bigger picture of the creator economy.