Key benefits

Understand changes icoon

Understand external changes and disruptions

Leverage strengths icoon

Leverage your strengths

Shared language icoon

Create a shared language in your organisation

Our Tomorrowlab consultants are experts who will provide you with the right tools and templates, including digital templates, to develop or strengthen your business model innovation. Along with principles and methodology you’ll also dive deeper into:

  • understanding external changes and disruptions challenging your business
  • taking action to improve your current business model
  • leveraging strengths to enter new markets or create new products or services
  • designing tests and experiments to systematically mitigate risk
  • creating a shared language in your organisation
Ehsan Karimi Rad
Ehsan Karimi Rad Domain Lead
Dorien Piessens
Dorien Piessens Innovation & Strategy Consultant

Organisations with great products and services won’t survive in the long run if they fail to innovate. But innovation is more than just creating something new, it’s about how you bring it to the market and respond to a changing environment. With your learnings from our Business Model Canvas workshop you’ll be able to take the right steps towards developping innovative and successful businesses.

Book your workshop now, and start preparing your roadmap for navigating in an uncertain future.

Artificial Intelligence with Robots

The future of innovation is here, and it's powered by Generative AI

In the age of rapid technological advancements, AI has become a household name. But what exactly is AI? At its core, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to think and learn. We see its manifestations in various forms - from DeepL's impressive translations to Netflix's uncanny ability to recommend shows, and Tesla's autopilot driving feature. However, the spotlight today is on a specific subset of AI: Generative AI.

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Mastering Change Management

Change is a constant within the realm of innovation. Navigating your team, organisation and stakeholders throughout the development or implementation of new products or services, a new process approach or a new organisational structure. It often creates resistance for multiple reasons. There's no quick fix in helping people throughout this change, but with the help of these 5 pivotal questions, you can embark on crafting a comprehensive change strategy.

Maximalfocus j Ewbvb2z6yg unsplash 1

The future of mobility and how it can impact you

The way we think about and organise mobility is dramatically changing. Over the past decades, transportation and urban development have been centred around owning a combustion engine vehicle and driver comfort. Today, policymakers, technology developers, manufacturers, and urban planners are increasingly focusing on smart mobility. Various modes of transportation, urban redesign, and changing business models seek to integrate sustainability, safety and efficiency in smart mobility.

Passenger drone

Is Advanced Air Mobility ready for lift-off?

The rapid advancements in technology have unlocked exciting possibilities for the future of transportation. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), which encompasses technologies like electric propulsion, battery technology, sensors, autonomous flight, and 5G communication networks, holds great promise for transforming passenger transport and parcel delivery.