What you'll learn

about mobility in the future

Deep Insights

Understand the Big Shift Thinking framework, gaining profound insights into the evolving mobility industry.

Concrete Examples

Explore real-life case studies, providing actionable takeaways for your business.

Strategic Approaches

Learn about the Early Warning System, enabling you to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the curve.

The way we think about and organise mobility is dramatically changing. We are witnessing a so-called big shift in mobility, akin to the introduction of the smartphone not too long ago. On the eve of its breakthrough, smart mobility can offer many business opportunities for a wide range of sectors and industries. And when many questions then start popping up, one fact is clear: big shift thinking is needed.

About the speaker

Bart Devoldere is strategic business designer at Tomorrowlab.

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  • You are interested in the changing world of mobility.
  • You are looking for business opportunities in smart mobility.
  • You are an innovation leader and want to learn more about the Big Shift Thinking framework and the Early Warning System approach.

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