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delve into strategies for navigating rapid change

embrace uncertainty

capitalise on opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls in the innovation process

To remain successful, it is important for organisations to be able to withstand and preferably stay one step ahead of increasingly rapid change. It is crucial to look to the future in the right way, embrace uncertainty, seize opportunities and recognise threats in time. The book "Why innovation fails" by Joachim De Vos not only teaches you to look into the future, it also shows the most common mistakes and pitfalls in an innovation process. Moreover, it gives you a better understanding of the technological evolution of the next decade and translates all these insights into a concrete approach to build future-proof, successfully innovating companies and organisations. In this webinar, Joachim De Vos shares with us the insights from his book.

About the speaker

Joachim De Vos is co-chairman of Living Tomorrow and founder of TomorrowLab.

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  • You are ready to embrace uncertainty and identify opportunities
  • You want to learn how to navigate change while avoiding common pitfalls
  • You want to raise your innovation game with expert insights

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